The FERRARI plant

For over 50 years, Ferrari mixer tanks and agitators have been used in many sectors of the pharmaceutical, agro-foodstuff and chemical industries.

For new installations, we can advise you on the choise of a mixer vessel or mixer which will give the best results.

For existing installations, the addition of a Ferrari mixer or agitator will bring you the following advantages :

  • reduction in mixing time by use of the best process.
  • prevention of level problems with lightweight powders.
  • prevention of decanting problems.
  • disappearance of all agglomerates.

Over the years we have supplemented our products with a wide range of imports to enable us to meet the majority of current demands. Most of our machines can be tested in our laboratory for quantities from 0.5 to 5litres.

Advantages over the competition:

Customised construction of all types of stainless steel and special steel vessels and mixers, with great flexibility in design and automation.

Our premises are all production sites, (bending, flanging, cutting, turning, folding, polishing etc). Thanks to our "partnership" which combines a technical and commercial service under one roof, we can guarantee you the complementary skills, flexibility, service and dynamics of specialist companies, in a spiritof competitivity, rapidity and competence to solve all your problems efficiently.

We construct our installations to the highest standards such as C'GMP-FDA-EHEDG. The "manufacturer's folders" which we give our custumers are validated by the major inspection divisions of pharmaceutical and chemical companies.