Our activities in the fiedl of metal construction date back to the mid-thirties. In fact until the early fifties, Ferrari concentrated on the production and installation of fuel oil tanks.

in 1957, Ferrari took the corporate status of an SPRL.

At the beginning of the sixties, Ferrari decided to focus on the industrial sector, by producing stainless steel vessels and tank and spcialising in the design and production of "custom-built industrial mixers".

These products have been gradually supplemented by a wide range of exclusive imports from Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

Since the middle opf the nineties, the company has enjoyed close commercial and friendly contacts with two other companies (TM Industry and MPF Europe / Lepage )a partnership has been established.

Since 1999, Ferrari has been based in a 3,000 m² building located in the industrial park at Ghislenghien. In these new premises we have four travelling gantries, a brand new test laboratory ready for customers to test and develop their products, and two production and assembly halls isolated from the remainder of the plant for production requiring special conditions of hygiene and cleanliness.

Today, backed by more than 50 year's experience, we are one of the 4 or 5 European companies specialising in this very particular field. Today's "tailor-made" products mainly concern production vessels fitted with mixers and agitators.

In recent years the company has exported to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Morocco, Argentina, Chile, Poland and Egypt...

Ferrari today employs around 20 people.